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Inspector Lynley Complete Series


Entire series from beginning to last episode. Decidedly uppercrust detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner Sergeant Barbara Havers must endure a marriage made at police headquarters. Lynley is suave, sophisticated, and the eighth Earl of Asherton. Havers is rumpled, resentful, and working class--with an inborn dislike of the highborn. Despite their differences, the sleuths evolve into a potent team, employing their cunning, intuition, and street smarts to unravel some of the most heinous--and suspenseful--crimes.Based on the popular detective novels of Elizabeth George, and starring Nathaniel Parker (Far from the Madding Crowd) and Sharon Small (About a Boy), this set includes all 23 Inspector Lynley Mysteries:A Great DeliveranceWell-Schooled in MurderPayment in Blood For the Sake of ElenaMissing JosephPlaying for the AshesIn the Presence of the EnemyA Suitable VengeanceDeception on His MindIn Pursuit of the Proper SinnerA Traitor to MemoryA Cry for JusticeIf Wishes Were HorsesIn Divine ProportionIn the Guise of DeathThe Seed of CunningThe Word of GodNatural CausesOne Guilty DeedChinese WallsIn the Blink of an Eye LimboKnow Thine Enemy 12 Discs 2,064 minutes. Excellent Quality

DVD-R Region Free. Excellent Quality. No refunds but will replace any defective discs, should there be any. In paper sleeves.

Price: $59.95

Mr. Holmes (2015) British


In 1947, the long-retired Sherlock Holmes, aged 93, lives in a remote Sussex farmhouse with his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro, and her young son Roger. Having just returned from a trip to Hiroshima, he starts to use jelly made from the prickly ash plant he acquired there in an effort to improve his failing memory. Unhappy about his ex-partner Watson's fictionalization of the story of Holmes's last case, the fictitious “The Adventure of the Dove Grey Glove”, he hopes to write his own account but is having trouble recalling the details. As Holmes spends time with Roger, showing him how to take care of the bees in the farmhouse's apiary, he comes to appreciate Roger's curiosity and intelligence and develops a paternal liking for him.

Over time, Roger's gentle prodding helps Holmes to remember the case (shown in flashbacks) and why he retired from the detective business. Almost thirty years earlier, a man named Thomas Kelmot had approached Holmes with a request to find out why his wife Ann had changed so much after suffering two miscarriages. Holmes followed Ann around London and observed her taking certain actions – forging cheques in her husband's name and cashing them, reviewing the details of his will, and buying poison from a chemist's shop – which made it appear as if she were planning to murder Thomas and inherit his property. Holmes deduced her true intentions: to have gravestones made for herself and her miscarried children, then commit suicide with the poison. Confronting her, he claimed to understand her sense of loneliness and isolation and confessed that he had those same feelings. Ann poured the poison on the ground and asked Holmes if they could share the burden of their loneliness together. Holmes, however, urged her to return to her husband. Instead, she killed herself by stepping in front of an oncoming train, whose schedules she'd also been researching. Blaming himself for her death, Holmes chose to retire.

A second series of flashbacks recounts Holmes's trip to Japan, where he met a supposed admirer named Tamiki Umezaki. Years ago, Umezaki's father had abandoned him and his mother while away in England. In a letter, Umezaki's father wrote that he was so impressed by the brilliant Sherlock Holmes that he resolved to stay in England forever. Holmes bluntly told Umezaki that his father simply wanted a new life for himself and that Holmes never met him. Umezaki was crushed by this revelation.

In the present, Mrs. Munro gradually becomes dissatisfied with caring for Holmes as his overall health deteriorates, especially after he becomes unconscious from an experiment with the prickly ash and now requires more physical care than she feels able to provide. She accepts a job at a hotel in Portsmouth, planning to take Roger with her to work there as well. Roger, however, having spent considerable time with the more learned Holmes, has become dissatisfied with his uneducated mother and his family's working class status, and tension develops between mother and son.

Holmes and Mrs. Munro later discover Roger lying unconscious near the house, a victim of repeated stings, and he is rushed to a hospital. Distraught, Mrs. Munro tries to burn down the apiary, blaming Holmes for caring only about himself and his bees. Holmes stops her, having realized that Roger has been stung by wasps; Roger had found their nest and tried to drown them to protect the bees from them, but they swarmed on him instead. Holmes and Mrs. Munro burn down the wasps' nest together, and Roger begins to recover. Acknowledging the value of spiritual and personal connections with others, Holmes tells Mrs. Munro that she and Roger will inherit the house and grounds after his death, encouraging her to stay in the home she knows rather than move away in order to take another unrewarding job.

Finally, Holmes realizes that Watson's fictional embellishments of his last case were a sort of kindness towards Mr Kelmot, so he writes a letter to Umezaki claiming that his father actually worked secretly for the British Empire (Holmes was a consultant at the meeting where Umezaki declared his intentions to work incognito for the government and advised Umezaki to write the letter to his wife and son that he intended to stay in England, using his fascination with Holmes as justification) and was a brave, honorable man. As Roger begins to teach his mother how to care for the bees, Holmes emulates a tradition he saw being practiced in Hiroshima: creating a ring of stones to serve as a place where he can recall the loved ones he has lost over the years.

DVD-R Region Free. Excellent Quality. No refunds but will replace any defective discs, should there be any. In paper sleeves. No Artwork

Price: $7.00

State Coroner Australian Season 1


Starting With A Bang
A new drama series about the people who investigate the circumstances surrounding accidental, unnecessary or unexplained deaths. 5 Discs 14 Episodes

On her first day as State Coroner, Kate Ferrari faces a Government Security Agency bombing, three kids killed in a head-on, a male Deputy Coroner, Clive Trimble, who wants her job, and a marriage in crisis.

Starring: Wendy Hughes as Kate Ferrari, Bob Baines as Clive Trimble, Christopher Stollery as Dermot McLeod, Elaine Smith as Julie Travers, Elise McCredie as Sharon Riley, Nick Caraffa as George Cardillo, Kristian Pithie as Paul Weiss

A Bit of Asthma
Episode 1.02

State Coroner Kate Ferarri investigates the death of a four-year-old asthmatic boy who dies in a hospital casualty department from uncertain causes, putting Pathologist Julie Travers under professional pressure. Deputy Coroner Clive Trimble is intrigued when a sixty-year-old's corpse from the country is not what it seems. Sergeant Dermot McLeod joins the team.

The Price of Success
Episode 1.03

Kate Ferarri investigates a high-profile television journalist's unexplained drowning death. Clive Trimble inquires into a teenage boy's seeming accidental death while painting graffiti in a deserted warehouse. Sergeant McLeod is joined by Senior Constable Liz Mason and strikes personal problems. Kate and her husband attempt a reconciliation.

Coming to Grief
Episode 1.04

Kate Ferarri investigates the death of a young bridegroom, the innocent victim of a high-speed police pursuit of a kid in a stolen car, causing the Attorney General to clash with the Police Minister. Clive Trimble finds a routine house fire, involving an elderly Italian woman, is more complicated than first thought. Senior Coroner's Clerk, George Cardillo finds a new role as an interpreter.

Final Approach
Episode 1.05

A young pilot vainly tries to save his passengers, after crash landing as a result of faulty instruments. Trimble receives a tip-off that the body of a long-missing criminal may be buried under a concrete pour. Kate discovers a small lump in her breast. Liz and Julie clash over an error at work. Shortcut To Death Episode 1.06 Kate investigates the death of a fork-lift driver at a firm with a dubious safety record. Trimble hears the case of a fiercely-independent young woman with cerebral palsy who died while taking a bath. Kate has her breast-lump removed and anxiously awaits analysis. McLeod and Liz's relationship re-ignites.

Episode 1.07

Sharon has to deal with her own emotions when Trimble investigates the death of a former boyfriend, killed in a motorbike accident. Kate and McLeod are confronted by a woman who is concerned by the premature death of her terminally-ill sister hospitalized with Motor Neurone Disease. Kate tells Hugh she wants a divorce.

A Question of Experience
Episode 1.08

Paul faces a moral dilemma when he discovers that he knows a leading witness in Kate's inquest into the death of a young student, who dies after a school bush-walking party. Trimble looks into a fatal night-club bashing recorded on a security video. Liz queries Julie's expert evidence. Trimble gets a greyhound tip from Reg.

Truth & Circumstance
Episode 1.09

Despite opposition from a Federal Drugs Agency, Kate investigates the death of a young woman whose brother claims she was driven to suicide because of her complicity in a cocaine ring. Kelso experiences a conflict of loyalties when an old colleague finds himself involved in the inquest. Trimble and George deal with a suspected SIDS baby whose parents resist an autopsy on religious grounds.

Conflict of Interest
Episode 1.10

The fatal police shooting of the main suspect in the previous episode's drugs inquest causes Kate to come into conflict with Kelso, the Government, and her own personal relationships. Meanwhile, Trimble investigates the death of a teenager who fatally falls while being chased by a young constable through a building site.

Dance 'Till You Drop
Episode 1.11

Kate finds herself questioning the private life of her daughter, Claire, while investigating the suspected ecstasy-linked death of a young law student who collapses after attending a dance-party. Trimble visits the bush with Daniel and Sharon for yet another tragic tractor-death inquest, and finds himself forced to share a country hotel with a female former protagonist.

'Till Death Us Do Part
Episode 1.12

Kate has to decide whether to subject the fourteen-year-old sole witness of a domestic murder-suicide to the further ordeal of giving sworn evidence in court. Trimble examines the unexplained death of an elderly pensioner found lying beside the house of a neighbour with whom he has had a bitter twenty-year feud.

Blood Sport
Episode 1.13

Trimble investigates the death of a young boxer who dies in the ring after making a comeback from injury. Julie finds herself opposed to her former pathology boss, retained by a research scientist's widow who believes that her husband's former lover poisoned him. Kelso unexpectedly confides to Kate about his marital problems.

Final Demand
Episode 1.14

Dermot McLeod is forced to question his loyalties when a desperate farmer, threatened with repossession, takes a former colleague of McLeod's hostage and is then killed in the ensuing shoot-out. Trimble investigates the discovery of remains which might allow the parents of a missing girl to finally begin grieving. Kelso and Mills clash in a power battle which only one can survive and which has implications for Kate's future.

DVD-R Region Free. Excellent Quality. No refunds but will replace any defective discs, should there be any. In paper sleeves. No Artwork

Price: $20.00

The Sopranos Complete Six Seasons


86 hours of viewing, 28 discs, complete episodes The series' brilliant first season is built around what Tony learns when, whipsawed between those two worlds, he finds himself plunged into depression and seeks psychotherapy--a gesture at odds with his midlevel capo's machismo, yet instantly recognizable as a modern emotional test. The Sopranos sustains a poignant, even mundane intimacy in its focus on Tony, brought to vivid life by James Gandolfini's mercurial performance. Alternately seductive, exasperated, fearful, and murderous, Gandolfini is utterly convincing even when executing brutal shifts between domestic comedy and dramatic violence. Both he and the superb team of Italian-American actors recruited as his loyal (and, sometimes, not-so-loyal) henchmen and their various "associates" make this mob as credible as the evocative Bronx and New Jersey locations where the episodes were filmed.

The Sopranos sustains the edgy intelligence and unpredictable, genre-warping narrative momentum that made this modern mob saga the most critically acclaimed series of the late 1990s. Creator-producer David Chase repeatedly defies formula to let the narrative turn as a direct consequence of the characters' behavior, letting everyone in this rogue's gallery of Mafiosi, friends, and family evolve and deepen..

So," Tony Soprano asks analyst Dr. Melfi in the wake of not-so-dearly-departed Livia's death, "we're probably done here, right?" Sorry, Tone, not by a long shot. Unresolved mother issues are the least of the Family man's troubles in the brutal and controversial third season of The Sopranos. Ranked by TV Guide among the top five greatest series ever, The Sopranos justified its eleven-month hiatus with some of its best, and most hotly debated, episodes that continue the saga of the New Jersey mob boss juggling the pressures of his often intersecting personal and professional lives.

DVD-R Region Free. Excellent Quality. No refunds but will replace any defective discs, should there be any. In paper sleeves. No Artwork

Price: $65.00

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